Category: Hampton SKK Gear Motor and Reducers


The SKK type AFM Gear Reducer comes with a hollow shaft c-face motor flange. This allows customers to standardize and use a motor already in stock, in other applications, or use a preferred brand of C-Face motor.

All SKK type AFM reducers are rated class II or better.

The SKK type AFC Gear Reducer comes with a solid input shaft. AFC reducers must be belt driven or direct coupled with a motor.

AFC Gear Reducers can be classified in two different ways. Like in the tables below, AFC reducers can be rated with a higher HP rating and a service factor of 1.0. They can also be rated as a Class II reducer with the same HP rating as the AF Gearmotor. The reducer itself is the same but with different HP ratings because of service factor and class rating.

Both the AFM and AFC enable customers to add accessories such as brakes, clutches, shovel bases and top motor mounts to their gear reducers.
Service factor 1.0 Torque is in inch-pounds. Units in white grid stocked for immediate shipment; shaded grid factory order. 37 and 45 rpm output speeds require 6-pole motors or external input drive reduction. Use the 1150 RPM input speed tables.


DD means "double-double" and indicates a quadruple (quad) reduction

For 9 or 7.5 RPM ratings consult Hampton PT.

DD means "double-double" and indicates a quadruple (quad) reduction. Service factor 1.0. Torque is in inch-pounds. Units in white grid stocked for immediate shipment; shaded grid factory order. For unit sizing above 100D / 100DD consult Hampton PT.


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