Makishinko worm gear reducers

Since their founding in 1963, Makishinko Co. Ltd. has continually produced some of the highest quality and most reliable products in the industry. They accomplish this through superior technology in both design and manufacturing.

Makishinko worm gear speed reducers are designed for fixed ratio applications with a 90-degree drive. They are composed of an integral worm input shaft that is shaped like a screw and a corresponding brass gear machined to have a tooth profile of the same configuration.


Input / Worm Shaft

The integral worm input shaft is precision cut out of a solid piece of steel, induction hardened, and then precision ground. This ensures a long life and smooth operation.

Alloyed Bronze Gear

The gear is made of special aluminum bronze; this increases tensile strength and improves durability.

Gear Housing

The solid casting is designed to be shock resistant and rigid, with appropriate surface area and fins for heat radiation. The painted inside seals against corrosion and prevents oilcontamination from casting. On worm top models, special chevrons are cast internally to direct oil to bearings,increasing lubrication and life.

Oil Containment

Oil seals are mounted internally in the output and input covers to avoid damage from outside sources. An additional O-ring is installed in the output cover to ensure an oil tight fit.

Most well known in the US for their Right Angle Worm Gear Reducers, Makishinko also produces Screw Jacks, Planetary Reducers for servomotors, Bevel Gear Reducers, and Fractional HP Gearmotors.

Hampton PT maintains a large inventory of Makishinko’s Right Angle Worm Gear Reducers as well as a select group of their other products. The majority of stocked reducers have SAE shafts but reducers with Metric shafts are available for order.


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