SKK Gearmotors and Reducers are selected because of their high performance and service life advantages. Rugged and dependable, SKK helical reducers continually outperform other brands.

Gears are drop-forged steel, gas nitrided for improved hardness and wear resistance. Pinions are heat treated and shaved for an extremely accurate and smooth profile, allowing for superior wear resistance and fatigue strength.

Gear Case
The gear case is cast as a single piece of high quality cast iron, providing maximum strength, rigidity, and permanent gear train alignment. Broadly based, integrally cast mounting feet are heavily reinforced to provide solid support and maintain alignment. The design and volume of the oil reservoir maximizes splash lubrication and reduces internal temperatures.
SKK units use large diameter, heavy-duty output shafts and bearings to prevent bearing and gear misalignment under load.
Units are 100% Tested
Unites are bilaterally tested, checked for noise, vibration and oil leakage. This prevents user start-up and warranty issues.


Hampton PT stocks SKK speed reducers and gearmotors with reduction ratios ranging from 159:1 up to 2.73:1. To achieve these ratios, SKK uses three different levels of reduction.

• Quadruple Reduction 7.5 – 30 Output RPM

• Double Reduction 37 – 420 Output RPM

• Single Reduction 520 – 780 Output RPM

Speed reducers and gearmotors with lower than 7.5 output RPM are available for order.

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